Video. 10min15

International, intergenerational, mostly telepathic collaboration with Vera S.Jensen (GL), Inga Gisladottir (IS) and Andrea Stokes (UK). Editing Jenna Collins.

Lacuna is an audio-visual story formed by fragmented layers of observing, thinking, shaping and interacting. The work gives a ‘voice’ to environments in Western Greenland, and conveys forceful encounters with ‘progress’. Lacuna explores discursive, poetic and descriptive forms of narration. The top of a mountain was removed to make an airport on the small island of Upernavik. An act of 'modernisation' appears as brutal force, yet at the same time enables new encounters. This is the place where the collaborators of Lacuna first met. We implement collective thinking and making to enable global conversations on Nordic issues to flourish and ask: How can one take a critical position yet at the same time benefit from a violent act?

Funded by Nordisk Kulturfond - Globus Opstart.

Screened as part of 'After Progress', Goldsmiths, London