2024. Oak Spring Garden Foundation

Landscapes and gardens, books about landscapes and gardens, together with people who are interested in landscapes and gardens: I'm invited to Oak Spring Garden Foundation, Upperville, Virginia, U.S. where I seek to research the relationships of performance art, horticulture and landscapes.


bühne. may 2024


2024. group show

Taking 'seeweb 1,2,3,4' to Eckernförde where they will be part of a group show of the cultural mediators of Schleswig-Holstein. Curious to see them in a 'white' exhibition context. 'Das sind wir', organized by Klaus Müller and Anke Sommer: Artists from all genres have used their artistic expertise to initiate and carry out outstanding school educational projects over the years. This exhibition is our thanks for that. Here they present themselves in their very own artistic positions and provide an insight into the diversity of professional artistic creation in Schleswig-Holstein.
07.01. - 28.02.2024, CarlsArt 78, Carlshöhe


2023. fließend (flowing)

Winter 2023. A project for children in Glücksburg - they decided to call it 'The DD Club' - and on their wishlist is to focus on the subject matter of water. Thus, I develop the concept for them and we go for a hike in and around the town and take water samples, we dye water and snow, make sound recordings above and below the water surface, assemble underwater-creatures - all in some kind of flux. The results are presented as 'Water Library' at the public library of Glücksburg. Together with Ann Carolin Renninger, Matze Runge and Antje Smorra. Photo: Tilman Köneke


performance: 'erde'

Being absorbed in the subject matter of grain, and the topic just keeps growing, it is all so very much entangled: the shapes of the land, wheat corridors, stock market prices, weather reports, crop failure and harvest successes, baking recipes, the history of agriculture....and my findings come together in a new performance which I'll show as part of 'Embodied Landscape' in Switzerland. The work is called 'erde', a fascinating term in German because of it's several, related meanings: earth, soil, land, ground and world. 
And what a wonderful surprise: This project is supported by The Ministry of General and Vocational Education, Science, Research and Culture of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Thank you!


2023. performance art archive

Visiting Boris Nieslony's International Peformance Art Archive in Cologne. Generously, he answers my many questions, patiently guiding me through the maze of boxes and folders. What a fantastic place - digital archives cannot live up to physical materials.


2023. Embodied Landscape

The exhibition 'Embodied Landscape' will take place in the Villa Renata in Basel from October 28 to December 18, 2023, in which the seven artists Maëlle Cornut, Marianne Engel, Christiane Fleissner, Frauke Materlik, Ulrike Mohr, Andrea Wolfensberger and Marc Zeier are present with their works in the context of forest, meadows and mountains. Throughout the villa and in the garden, the works will be installed using materials such as beeswax, charcoal, rhubarb, glass, water and plankton. The artists come from different generations, which enriches the dialogue about landscape, nature and climate. The mediation of the ecological-artistic context is the focus of the exhibition 'Embodied Lanscape', which is curated by Sibylle Omlin. The young Basel artist Vital Z'Brun is exhibiting in the garage. /// Photo: Maëlle Cornut, Air Water Voices, Video still, 2022/23


Leben hinterm Deich (Life behind the Dike)

With the 2nd and 4th grades of the primary school in Hennstedt we are examining our immediate surroundings. The project consists of four chapters: Every season there is a hike followed by an artistic work phase focusing on the subject matter of landscape with the river Eider and the village. We make sound generators, practice listening, create paper, build models and produce a stop-motion film. It's fun and a school day goes by incredibly quickly.

Now there is a website in the making, sharing projects taking place on the West Coast:


2023. muster(n). showcase residency

Looking forward to a research period with Elke Mark in February. 'Muster(n)' has two connotations in German, it means pattern, and it also describes the activity of close examination. During our project 'muster(n)', we navigate between those two situations: We explore natural orders and artificial systematizations. We work indoors and outdoors, using organic materials (sand, stone, earth, etc.), drawing, and found objects. In cyclical phases we try out experimental practices of arranging, observing, disarranging, creating and disrupting.
Supported by Bureau Ritter/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative.


2023. Garden of Delight. Gothenburg

Sunday 22nd January 2023 11:00 to 13:00, I'll show a new performance at The Botanical Garden, Gothenburg.
Curated by Pavana Reid and Denis Romanovski, organized by Konstepidemin in collaboration with Gothenburg Botanic Garden and Performance Art Bergen.


2023. Einfach machen. (miteinander reden)

'Einfach machen.' (meaning: 'Just do it' as well as 'Keep it simple') combines conversations with artistic methods. The 'Pesel' dining room in the former boarding school in Lunden serves as a place for dialogue, encounters and self-empowerment.
Every "we" causes a "you" because the world is made up of differences that need to be accommodated on the countryside as well. More than half of the population is female, yet women still have little public voice. Every fourth man in Germany has an anti-feminist world view (Authoritarianism Study 2020, University of Leipzig).
We operate with an expanded concept of art and use artistic means to enable encounters, arouse curiosity about other perspectives and question deadlocked positions. In 2023, a variety of interactive projects (long table, performance, workshop) will take place in the former boarding school and in public space. It's about self-empowerment, which opens up a desire for participatory processes and thus promotes social participation.

As part of miteinander reden.


2022. Research grant

Currently focusing on the development of concepts regarding 'performance and landscape', pushing my work further --- great to have the time and support.
Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.


2022. Between Sky and Sea

'Temporal Horizons'. It had to be postponed twice and now it will really really really happen! A performance festival and symposium, looking forward to august on the island Skuløy, Norway, together with colleagues and friends.
Longva AiR in collaboration with Performance Art Bergen hosted the 6th version of Between Sky & Sea, an international performance framework that is arranged every 3rd year on different Norwegian islands. Between Sky & Sea is a framework for artistic production, seminars, public events and publications. This edition, which was titled "Temporal Horizons", took place on Longva AiR and the Nordøyane Islands outside Ålesund 8th - 20th of August 2022. The title ‘Temporal Horizons’ wants to focus on the relation between time, landscape/geology, body and affect with Sunnmøre as a starting point, especially Nordøyane archipelago with its peculiar bedrock geology. The goal is to challenge our notions of time and the tension between the planet’s temporality (geological time) and a human temporality. The artists presented their projects on for the public Saturday 20th of August. ARTISTS: Frauke Materlik Sabine Popp Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir Chuyia Chia Esa Kirkkopelto Ine Harrang Monroe Isenberg ORGANIZERS: Harald Dyrkorn Henrik Koppen Terese Longva Rita Marhaug Longva kunstnarresidens / Longva AiR The event is supported by: Ålesund kommune, Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune Kulturrådet Nordisk Kulturfond, Bek – Centre of Electronic Arts.


linie. at Studio: Ilka Theurich - Project Space. may 2022

Showing new works on May 14th at Ilka Theurich's, Faust, Hannover. 
Combining video, photo, performance. Suddenly, it all comes together after these busy months. Supported by


2022. Cultural Mediation

Now I can call myself a 'certified cultural mediator'! Since last year, I've participated in a further education scheme by the Ministry of Culture in Schleswig-Holstein. In this context, I carry through art projects with children of various age groups, now also in Northern Germany. So far, I've met many great new colleagues and worked at inspiring places, such as next to the piglets at Arche Warder.


Catalogue and website

This spring, I focus on new works on the subject matter of performance and landscape, based at the German Westcoast. In this context, I'm currently busy putting together a new website
(with great support by Lars Schmidt) and a catalogue, assisted by Anja Leidel, supported by Neustart Kultur.


PAB Open 2022 Date: 1.4 -3.4 - 2022 Location: The historic Hotel Villa Terminus - Bergen - Norway

Finally, a 'real' performance festival again!!! 

The festival PAB OPEN will take place in the historical building Villa Terminus in Bergen, Norway. 46 artists will interact with the unique site spanning through the main living rooms, kitchen, library, the garden "Plenen", Villa Terminus backyard and the 18 hotel rooms:
Jan-Egil Finne, Lizlot Frydenlund, Frauke Materlik, Kjartan Andersen, Rita Maria Farias Munoz, Nayara Leite, Sofie Hviid Vinther, Derek Sargent, Astrid Haugesen, Liv Reidun Brakstad, Franzisca Siegrist, Locus - Tanja Thorjussen & Thale Fastvold (duo) , Susanne Irene Fjørtoft, Lea Opheim Basch & Solveig Laland Mohn (duo), Kjersti Austdal, Johan Urban Bergquist, Gisle Nataas & Clare Marie Bailey (duo), Guro Berger & Marielle Kalldal (duo), Sophie Barth & Katarina Caspersen (duo), Anne-Marte Eidseth Rygh, Evamaria Schaller, Vincenzo Fiore Marrese, Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen, Alexandra Holownia, Paul Regan, Charlotta Grimfjord Cederblad, Jordina Ros & Pere Estadella (duo), Diane Dwyer, Katherine Leung, Tomofumi Yamasaki, Siavash Kheirkhah, Natural Plastic - Adrià Torres & Carmen Kleykens (duo), Lars Jonsson & Line Rolf (duo), Switch - Didde Borup Larsen & Frida Retz (duo), Marit Tunestveit Dyre, Carol Stampone, and Mia Maria Norum Robsahm.


22.2.22 together elsewhere

TOGETHER ELSEWHERE is a new monthly performance series organized by PAB - Performance Art Bergen and PANCH - Performance Art Network Switzerland for online live streaming by Mediathek of the Academy of Art and Design (FHNW), Basel. TOGETHER ELSEWHERE is a performance art project where two artists, one from PAB and one from PANCH, perform at the same time with the same materials and the same type of space but in their different locations.
Daniel Häller and I will be there on 22.2.22 at 5pm:


heading west

winter 2021
Travelling these days feels like jumping through fiery hoops and attempting somersaults, no matter how amateurishly. In the end, it is all more than worth it. What a great pleasure to meet Rona Rangsch in Newfoundland, and to stay at Pouch Cove Foundation.


PARSE conference

Invited to contribute to the Fourth PARSE Research Conference: 'Violence / Environment' at The University of Gothenburg & Platform for Artistic Research Sweden.
We talk about the concept behind 'Lacuna', and you can now (and until December 15th) watch our presentation on


coffee cakes and conversations

'Die Geheime dramaturgische Gesellschaft' and 'Mobiles Kulturamt' bring together cultural practitioners, administrators and politicians to figure out future aims and possibilities within art production in rural regions. Looking forward to continue these conversations! 


nærhet på avstand. Hamar Performance Festival 2021

'Nærhet på avstand' - 'proximity at a distance' Hamar Performance Festival - invited to show 'made to measure' as a reflection on last year's effects.


performance walks. in the bog

Summer 2021. Finally, we can work together again. After a winter and spring with mainly digital meetings, this is a real treat. Performance walks with Elke Mark.


PAO publication

Performance Art Oslo has a new publication: PAO 7 Years, edited by Franzisca Siegrist & Tanja Thorjussen -- with new texts, documentations of their many events with more than 200 performance artists - and I'm also in it.



July 2021. Editing of 'Lacuna' is done, thanks to Jenna Collins. And great news: The video is included in 'After Progress' as part of the research project ’units of play - The promotion of exploratory forms of engagement’, Goldsmiths, University of London.


mountain stories

March 2021. Looking forward to this! - An artistic research project on infrastructures in Greenland, with Andrea Stokes, artist, sailor, associate professor in Fine Art, Ingibjørg Gisladottir, story-teller, Greenland tourist operator and air traffic controller, and Vera S.Jensen, administrator, artist and Upernavik resident, Greenland.
Funded by Nordisk Kulturfond - Globus Opstart.



December - January 20-21. So I've been cut off. Brexit doesn't permit British citizens to host .eu domains anymore. Thus, my E mail and website were defunct until brilliant Mike Blackman found a solution. Meanwhile, I take a seat on the Wadden and beam my telepathic waves to friends across the seas. And I send new years wishes as analogue as can get: printed with potatoes, home-grown, for sure. Brexit my arse.  


happy happy etc. 21

Happy 2021. With lots of music, dance, colour and chunky potatoes.



Zillertal, Austria.


Dezember 2019

It's happening. The 10th grade and I pose with our portable landscapes and our sponsor from the 'Sparkassenstiftung' for the photographer of the regional newspaper. And this at 9 o'clock in the morning on a grey and rainy December day!! 
Then we finally hike along the fields.  
Thank you to everyone involved: The 10th grade and their teacher Barbara Gramann, Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, and Sparkassenstiftung! And great to have Ayleen Behrens with us, she documents our walk. 

Photo: Ayleen Behrens


Autumn 2019

Outside with the school class, strolling along the village edge. What do our surroundings look like? What is a detail? What do you appreciate, what should be changed?



Working in Schöppingen again, amongst fields, slaughter houses and wind turbines.


autumn 2019. Ofoten.

Teaching model-making to grade. Lots of different stories, objects, colours. And fun.


float. a telepathic residency with Andrea Stokes

> > Float is an imaginary space. It invites translation into something that moves between the physical and touchable to the unfixed and immaterial. It acts as a conduit. Float explores the notion of 'work space' as a space for invention and collective conversation. Float reverses the idea of an artist residency as being a space away from home. With float, we stay in our studios in Lunden and London, yet conduct telepathic meetings every day, working along similar schedules which involve sound recording, drawing, making, writing, and exchange the results at the end of each day. Thus, a new process is triggered the following day.