As an artist and landscape architect, I am interested in the perception, visualization and transformation of space. In my artistic practice, I combine photography, multi-part installations and narratives. Researching urban, rural and social landscapes and infrastructures, their overlaps and boundaries, my projects revolve around the fragility of life, the search for the location that promises home, shelter and housing, and the eternal question whereto? My concepts translate into photographic series, light boxes, large-scale constructions in wood or fabric, and performative interventions.  
I refer to my projects as fictional landscapes part-way between materiality and immateriality, combined with a sense of formal relationships to the surroundings - negotiations in space.
As part of my artistic process, I analyze or remove the familiar, as if dissecting, cutting off slices of a history or reality, and then translating and contextualizing these findings within my visual language. I work towards an art form where the audience gets the chance to experience connections between things and matter, which normally remain unnoticed by language or rational logic.

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