lightbox, text documents, drawings, photographs, medium format and video projection, wooden structure.

'heim' interrogates the narrative positionings between the private and immediate versus the exterior influx of transnational interests.

The uploaded video shows a short excerpt of the original film, depicting a 37 min survey on the everyday, covering the entire road-net of the town Upernavik between twilight and darkness. Projected onto a small maquet of the standardized Greenlandic/Danish housing type, the landscape appears as a miniature window, framed by a wooden construction blocking the exit ways. Archival material positions the work into a current context: Despite of dating to the last two centuries, the perception of Greenland still seems familiar to contemporary readings.

' In the far North, at the end of the earth, live a little people. They are few and poor, but they possess a greater country than any other people in the world. Theirs is not a friendly land, however; in winter blizzards sweep across the frozen tundra, while the temperature falls to forty degrees xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx below zero, and in the short summer, when the water is open and the land free from snow, the air is filled with millions of mosquitoes. But the eternal sun shines over mountain and valley, over swamp and lake, over the glaciers of the land and the icebergs of the sea. Men live scattered here; there may be many hundred kilometers between the few small dwelling places. In a wonderful way this little people have learned to make their life endurable in a land so miserly by nature. These men love their country and will not leave it; when one has visited it one understands this, and learns to love the people themselves.

These people are the Eskimo. [….....] '

Therkel Matthisen. 1930